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Produced by Gsus Lopez.

Written and directed by Gsus Lopez.

Gsus Lopez’s short telling the story of Mary, a divorced middle-aged woman who lives with her daughter Rachel, immersed in a small English village. Living on the edge of drama, she cares a lot about what people and society think about her and her family. One weekend, her trendy teenage son visits from his life in the big city to come out as gay to his family, an event that will change all their lives forever.

Filmed on location in the Kent village of Wye and in West London.

Two versions of the song Baby Shot An Arrow, written performed and produced by Jeff, appear in the film: one across the end titles and the other performed by Jeff’s character Mary in the film.

Out has gone on to be featured at many film festivals around the world: UK, Germany, Serbia, Ukraine, Australia, Spain, India, South Africa, Uruguay, Peru, Italy, Canada and Belarus. It was nominated for a Dorothy Slipper Award in 2014 and a European Short Film Award in 2015. It won an AIFFF award for best music for Know Yourself by Citizens. In 2015, Jeff attended a screening at the Shorts On Tap event in East London with director Gsus Lopez to answer audience questions about the film. In 2016, he attended a screening for Kill Your Television at The Hackney Attic and did a Q&A session on stage with Gsus and Oliver Yellop.

In 2014, Jeff wrote an article for issue 45 of Transliving Magazine called Actually Being A Woman, about his research and preparations for playing the role of Mary in Out. In 2015, artist Alvar Alcade created a portrait of Jeff’s character Mary. In 2016, artist Fran Dibuja created a poster inspired by the film’s inclusion on the movie-rental streaming site Filmin.

In 2016, Out became available to stream on REVRY and was nominated for a two further awards at The Screentest National Student Film Festival 2017.



Out - 2014


Out - 2014




Out - 2014


Out - 2014