Documentary Feature Film / 2017 

A documentary feature film by Polish writer and director Aro Korol demonstrating the alleged gentrification and sanitisation of London’s Soho through the eyes of its residents, workers and visitors. 

Jeff is interviewed as a long time Soho performer and one time resident. Other interviewees include: Stephen Fry (The Hobbit: Desolation Of Smaug), Peter Tatchell (After Dark), Alex Proud (Four Rooms), Anne Pigalle (The Kiss), Tim Arnold (Hopscotch), Marilyn (Who's That Girl) and Lindsay Kemp (The Wicker Man). 

Between November 24th and 26th 2021, the movie appeared at Diane Pernet's ASVOFF 13 in Paris and was available to watch on the FNL Network. 

Written by Aro Korol and Johnny Deluxe. Directed by Aro Korol. Produced by The Aro Korol Company.


Official Trailer / 2017 

The official trailer of the 2017 Aro Korol documentary movie BATTLE OF SOHO. Featuring Jeff and Stephen Fry, Peter Tatchell, Alex Proud, Anne Pigalle, Tim Arnold, David Hodge, Johnny Deluxe, Lindsay Kemp and Nigel Harris. 

Written by Aro Korol and Johnny Deluxe. Directed by Aro Korol. Produced by The Aro Korol Company. © 2022 / All Rights Reserved / The Aro Korol Company.


Jeff Kristian Radio Interview / 28th January 2019 

Jeff was interview by Heather Markham aka Mama Creepy for her blog radio show Mama Creepy's Corner, about his career and his 2017 single Lullaby

"I said to Salem (Selene Kapsaski), you need to direct this video because the song will forever be associated with Spidarlings. So thankfully, I was honoured that he agreed to do it. They came down from Manchester to film it, I was so grateful. I think its come out looking pretty cool. Being a lullaby you want children to be able to relate to it, but we also wanted to be sure that somewhere in the film was a spider. We wanted to give it a bit of a steam-punk feel. But bear in mind Spidarlings is in the horror genre, we wanted it to have a bit of the child catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang."

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Magazine Review / 29th October 2017 

The Camden New Journal ran a feature about Aro Korol's documentary movie Battle Of Soho, featuring an interview with Jeff. 

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Radio Review / 27th October 2017 

Aro Korol's documentary movie Battle Of Soho featuring an interview with Jeff was review by Clarisse Loughrey for BBC's 5 Live radio programme. 

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