Magazine Article / 2016 

Following the untimely death of David Bowie, Jeff's article for LGBT History Month magazine David Bowie Smiled At Me speaks of the time Kristian and Bowie met and is a personal look back at how the rock star may have influenced the LGBT community. 

"History recalls his blatant display of affection on Top Of The Pops as too much too soon for many in middle-England. They had so far graciously turned a blind eye to the high camp of Glam Rock, with its cross-dressing outrageous makeup and long dangly earrings. But suddenly and without warning, a self-proclaimed pretty thing was touching another man on national telly before watershed." 

DAVID BOWIE SMILED AT ME written by Jeff Kristian. Published by Talent Media.


Magazine Article / 2015 

D.R.A.G. Take It To The Streets is a light hearted article written by Jeff for LGBT History Month magazine about the often questioned story of drag, with examples from history. 

"A campaign against immorality by self-appointed reformer Charles Hitching led to the arrest of a group of men returning to a molly house (gay venue) in Holborn, having wandered the streets dressed as milkmaids and shepherdesses. Arrested and sent to the Workhouse, there they remained for some time until one of them threatened to tell of Hitching's secret liaisons with 'he-whores'. Subsequently, an application to the Lord Mayor procured their swift discharge." 

D.R.A.G. TAKE IT TO THE STREETS written by Jeff Kristian. Published by Talent Media.


Magazine Articles / 2011 

Jeff wrote two articles for the LGBT History Month magazine. A fond nostalgic look back at early children's television called Le Menage Enchante and a light hearted feature Camp Hauntings about the alleged ghost that spook visitors to London's Cleopatra's Needle. He also contributed to a showbiz gossip piece called Jeff Kristian's Titbits. 

"My absolute favourite was The Magic Roundabout. There was Dougal the neurotic Skye Terrier, racing from dilemma to crisis and back with only his fag-hag friend Florence (in the Spice Girls shoes) to console him by way of something on a cube of sugar. And Dylan the rabbit, constantly stoned sitting under a tree strumming his guitar. Naive little snail Brian, trying to keep up with all the latest gossip. And of course old Zebedee trying to get everyone into bed." 

Le Menage Enchante and Camp Hauntings written by Jeff Kristian. Published by Talent Media.