Feature Film / In Post-Production 

A festive Christmas horror created with the look of an anthology in the style of Hammer's legendary Tales Of The Crypt. 

Jeff stars in two short James Crow (House Of Salem) films as The Snowman in Toby & Chloe's Christmas Nightmare and Father McShane in Twelve Kills Of Christmas. Also starring Lee Craven (New Tricks), Tony Fadil (Dead Ringer), Lucy Pinder (The Royals), Leslie Mills (The Bill), Dani Thompson (Scream Team), Karl Hughes (Hollyoaks) and Robert Lowe (Primeval). 

The end titles song Pagan Dream, performed by Jeff, was written and produced by Jeff with lyrics by James Crow. 

Written and directed by James Crow. Produced by Last British Dragon. PAGAN DREAM performed by Jeff Kristian. Music by Jeff Kristian. Words by James Crow. Produced by Jeff Kristian.


Official Trailer / 2018 

The Official trailer for the James Crow movie NIGHTMARE ON 34TH STREET, featuring Jeff. 

Written, and directed by James Crow, produced by Great British Dragon. © 2022 / All Rights Reserved / Great British Dragon.


Jeff Kristian Radio Interview / 28th January 2019 

Jeff was interview by Heather Markham aka Mama Creepy for her blog radio show Mama Creepy's Corner, about his career and his work on the James Crow film Nightmare On 34th Street. 

"I'm particularly excited about this film. It's an anthology made up of short films that are linked together by a very sinister and nasty Santa Claus. When I read the script for the first character I did as the sinister deranged snow man I though, Oh my God! Is he really gonna film that? And it was so cold, so really really freezing cold. Then James asked if I'd play a priest with dementia in another segment. Charlie thought that was so funny, casting to age!" 

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Jeff Kristian Radio Interview / 1st December 2018 

Jeff was interview by Xander Gibb on XRad Radio Show, about his life and career and his work on the James Crow film Nightmare On 24th Street. 

"One of the things I've been working on for director James Crow is a Christmas horror film. It's a really scary film, I've seen some of the rushes. But we've been working with some young people, from about the age of ten and young teenagers.They're very talented and very clued up about what they want to do. You can look at them and say, I really wanna see what you're gonna be doing in twenty years time." 

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