Singing Cabaret Show / 1993-2001 

THE DIVA SHOW saw Jeff impersonating an array of famous celebrity female singers in a live-singing and dancing slapstick routine with multiple costume changes taking place on stage in front of the audience. To great acclaim, it won a Reader’s Poll Award in 1994 from Boyz Magazine. 

Throughout its run around the UK and Europe, it transferred to Jeff’s Ladies Only show to mostly female audiences, with the added twist of a stand-up comedy routine, also written by Jeff. In 1999, Jeff hosted An Evening Out at Portsmouth’s The New Palace Theatre, raising funds for the charity Stonewall. In 2000, Jeff appeared as Cher at The Limelight Theatre in London’s West End to promote the release of the superstar singer’s Greatest Hits DVD. 

Jeff did his civic duty performing for six Lord Mayors of London at Southwark Town Hall, where he famously danced in a gold corset as Madonna on their top table. He also created two weekly spin-offs shows: a 1997-98 run at The Father Red Cap in Camberwell called Jeff Kristian's Mad Cap Hour and a 1997 season at The Royal Vauxhall Tavern in London called Stairway To The Stars, on which his guest Nicki French debuted her international hit record Total Eclipse Of The Heart. Featured interviews were published to promote the show in Metropolis Magazine (1993) and Translife Magazine (2000). In 1995, Jeff’s portrait in oils was painted by artist Stephen B Whatley. 

Created, directed and produced by Jeff Kristian.



Jeff Kristian Magazine Interview / 6th July 2000 

Translife Magazine published an in-depth interview with Jeff about his career and the ups-and-downs of performing on the UK's gay circuit in his creation The Diva Show. 

"About the gay crowds, he's somewhat dispirited. The air of complacency amongst so many of the venues and audiences disconcerts him. "Sometimes I find the attitude towards drag on the gay scene a bit upsetting. Drag is part of the gay history of this country. It's a terrible shame. But (he shrugs a slightly disconsolate shoulder), it may change."" 

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Jeff Kristian Magazine Interview / 18th July 1998 

Metropolis Magazine published an interview with Jeff about his career and The Diva Show. 

"MM: What's the worst thing that's happened to you on stage? JK: 1987, a fight in the audience. A chair hit the mic and the mic chipped my tooth!" 

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The Diva Show Newspaper Review / 17th April 1997 

Derek Smith of The Stage And Television Today newspaper published a review of Jeff's award winning cabaret creation The Diva Show. 

"Jeff Kristian came on dressed to thrill - as Diana Ross first, then Tina Turner, Cher and Lulu. Described as not only a lookalike but a soundalike too, some of his impressions were designed to get belly laughs more than anything else. But there is no doubting his talent and even though you have seen this type of act countless times before, his has to be one of the better ones." 

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