1. Juicy Girls
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Words and music by Jeff Kristian. Produced by Jeff Kristian at Sparkie's Little Music Factory, Kent and Soho Sonic, London.


Good evening gentlemen
And welcome to our women
In here your heart will race
And your head will be spinning
Forget your other life
And all you’ve known before
We promise ecstasy and more
At Juicy Girls

Each lady is a mistress
Of renowned seduction
From every corner of the Earth
Came their instruction
Spices from India
And from the Middle East
Reduce a man into a beast
At Juicy Girls

Every girl is guaranteed to take you
To a place you’ve never been before
Sensual gifts beyond imagination
Wrapped around you till you beg for more

Whatever currency you have
We will consider
Cash gold or diamonds
House or car we will deliver
How can you put a price
On what will change your life?
We’ll take your Rolex or your wife
At Juicy Girls

The flesh is succulent
Our girls are ripe for tasting
Let us begin our feast
There’s no time left for wasting
Make your selection now
Give in to your desires
Ignite your passion like a fire
At Juicy Girls