1. Lullaby

From the recording Lullaby

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Words and music by Jeff Kristian. Produced and re-mastered by Jeff Kristian at Sparkie's Little Music Factory, Kent.


The time has come to go to bed
So snuggle down and rest your head
And I will sing a lullaby to you
The sun has gone behind the hill
The town is quiet, all is still
And children everywhere are sleeping too

The moon and stars are shining bright
From way upon the Heaven high
And stardust drifts from up above
To nestle in your eyes

May angels visit while you sleep
Protect and guide your soul, and keep
My precious child until the morning comes

And in the morning when you wake
A new day will be there for you
A day of love and happy things
And I will be there too

So close your eyes and make a wish
As I give you a goodnight kiss
And may your dreams be happy ones for you