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Words and music by Jeff Kristian. Produced by Jeff Kristian and Paul Page at Trackside, Essex. Re-mastered by Jeff Kristian at Sparkie's Little Music Factory, Kent.


Never question why people say goodbye
And they have to part
I don’t really know
Why they break away
And each other’s hearts
Is it true to say they don’t really know,
But it always hurts when you have to go
Who can really say let’s call it a day
When it hurts so much

I don’t really know why you have to go
Why it has to end
I want you to stay
Could we be in love?
Would you just pretend?
If I beg you please would you try again
I’d get on my knees, I’d do anything
Just to keep you here, here where you belong
Here with me

Looking back we’ve both fought like cat and dog
When it suits the mood
Feeling safe within knowledge what we say
Isn’t really true
Are you sure it’s good? Is it the right choice?
Or just another way to make your point
If it is, you win. I don’t want to fight
I don’t want to fight

So you’ve made your move and you’ve left your mark
And it’s really time
Funny how I thought this would never come
You’d just change your mind
Do you have to leave? I really love you so
And I could not live, if you should go
But I won’t interfere if it’s what you want
What you really need

Never question why people say goodbye
If it’s what they need