From the recordings Attitude and Never Question Why

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Words and music by Jeff Kristian. Produced by Jeff Kristian and Paul Page at Trackside, Essex. Re-mastered by Jeff Kristian at Sparkie's Little Music Factory, Kent.


A long time ago
So many moons ago
I thought I could feel
Somewhere on the way
Gambled my heart away
By spinning the wheel

So you say there's no emotion
What am I supposed to do?
Where d'ya get the notion?
And you lack communication
No getting through
I can' t take the complication

There's a magic spell
Like fire out of Hell
The power's so strong
It's a mystic game
Think I lost the game again
What did I do wrong?

And you think it's physical that
Gets in my soul but I
Say you've got it wrong now
Cause no hand power's gonna get me
Do what you want
But I know I won't get hooked now

You say you don't mean it
You say you can't feel it
You know I don't want it
But you won't conceive it

And you throw my heart to lions
Every time that I cry
There's no martyr who ever lived for
Such a sacrifice