From the recording Life's Worth Livin'

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Words and music by Jeff Kristian. Produced by Jeff Kristian at Sparkie's Little Music Factory, Kent.


Today I met a man
Who couldn’t understand
What life is for
He said he couldn’t see
What was so good for me
He’d been my age before
So I told him of
My love for you
But whiskey on the brain
Had made him turn insane
So what’s the use?

Then I met an old girl
Who said she’d been a showgirl
Many years before
But now there’s nothing left for
Her to live her life for
So I told her that
My freedom was the most
She lit her fag and sighed
And said she was so tired
So what’s the hope?

People don’t care enough
Bout their life and love
Never seem to bother anyhow
But I’ve got my life to live
So much love to take and give
Makes me wonder what they’re on about

Life is so wonderful
It can’t be wasted anymore
So show them that you care
This life is ours to share
For evermore

La la la la la la…