Paperback & eBook / 2019 

The sequel to Jeff's much loved debut novel Where D'Ya Put Yer Willy? Following immediately on from the first book's tale, Where's Yer Willy Now? tells the story of the next six weeks. 

As with book one, the sequel has an original soundtrack and is full of brand new songs written and produced by Jeff, soon to be released as an album to accompany the story. Where's Yer Willy Now? was published worldwide July 2019. 

Written by Jeff Kristian. Edited by Robert Ingham. Published by Mr Binks Media.



Radio Chat Show / 17th January 2020 

Jeff made a guest appearance on media mogul Xander Gibb's chat show, talking about his books Where's Yer Willy Now? and Adventures Of A Drag Queen. 

"I was thinking, I really need to just get around to finishing the story and letting people know what happens, but it just took me a long while to actually get round to it. But as anyone who's written a book would know, it's a very solitary thing that blinkers you and has the ability to take over your life. So you've got to find the right time and place to do it." 

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Jeff Kristian Book Preview / 27th September 2019 

Issue 65 of Transliving International Magazine published a preview of Jeff's new book Where's Yer Willy Now? 

"Jeff Kristian has been dipping in his inkpot again to produce yet another giggle book - the sequel to his debut Where D'Ya Put Yer Willy? Jeff is such a brill writer, it will have me in fits of laughter, as drag and trans come together in some light-hearted fun." 

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